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Series fibroLUX E d PowerLED

The fibre optic light fitting of the series fibroLUX E d PowerLED for application in hazardous areas is now available. The light source, completely in stainless steel, is equipped with our PowerLED module with supply voltages of 24 V AC/DC or 230–240 V AC. The light output is comparable with a 50 W halogen bulb (with a power consumption of only 7 W). The light pipes can be ordered from 0,5 to max. 5,0 m length. The system is particularly recommended for use in the pharmaceutical industry, in cases where vessels have to be illuminated through small sightglasses still leaving enough space for insight.

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Stainless stell fibre optic light fitting type fibroLUX E d PowerLED

Series EdelEx PowerLED

The new series for use in hazardous areas meet highest demands with their efficiency so far unknown in sightglass light fittings. The light fittings are approved pursuant to the latest ATEX standards. The EdelEx PowerLED can be ordered as of today, either in the "spot" version (concentrated light beam) or in the "flood" version (wide light beam), for 24 V AC/DC or 230–240 V AC.

The powerful light flux in Lumen/Watt is revolutionary for sightglass light fittings and allows a brilliant illumination even for difficult applications.

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Light fitting type EdelEx PowerLED

Series (F)KEL PowerLED and KL PowerLED

The new light fittings with housings in aluminium alloy cast are extremely powerful, with an efficiency unknown until now. They are suited for use in hazardous and safe areas and available as of today as "spot" version (concentrated light beam) or "flood" version (wide light beam), for 24 V AC/DC or 230–240 V AC.

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Schauglasleuchte Typ EdelEx PowerLED

KLR PowerLED - Brighter Than Ever!

The new PowerLED sightglass light fittings for use in safe areas of the series KLR set a milestone in efficiency! Due to most advanced technology, they produce a light output in Lumen/Watt unknown until now in this field of application, satisfying even the most demanding requirements. The light fittings can be ordered as of today, either in the "spot" version (concentrated light beam) or in the "flood" version (wide light beam), for 24 V AC/DC or 230–240 V AC.

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Schauglasleuchte Typ KLR 100 HRD auf  Schraub-Schauglasarmatur

Micro LED sightglass light fittings for safe areas, series MVLR

This new series, equipped with state-of the-art powerful LED technology, is extremely compact and suitable for all applications, in particular for clean rooms and sterile processes. In combination with metal fused sightglasses, this series offers new lighting possibilities for smallest diameters.

The micro LED sightglass light fittings of the series MVLR offer the following main advantages:
- Extremely small dimensions, to be mounted on sightglasses from DN 25
- Housing, fixation elements and cable gland entirely from stainless steel
- Powerful, homogeneous and brilliant illumination due to state-of-the-art LED-technology
- UV-free and cold light output
- Very long life span (approximately 35'000 operating hours)
- Available for continuous operation, with push-button for momentary operation or with "ON-OFF" switch
- Enclosure protection degree: IP 65

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New half light fittings in stainless steel for safe areas to be mounted onto sightglasses to DIN 11851, series HLMR

The new series
- presents itself in an elegant design
- is especially appropriated for use in pharma and food industries
- may be combined with window wipers from DN 65 on!

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